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Camiguin Hot Spots

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Beach Site

23. Cabua-an Beach

Located at the right side of the old pier of Mambajao. It is the nearest beach in Mambajao proper. Unique corals are found 75 - 100 meters from the shore. Site of the annual “San Juan sa Hibok-Hibok Festival”.
Available Transport: Jeepneys and rented vans/multicabs.

24. Agohoy Beach

7 kilometers from Mambajao proper. Located in Barangay Agoho, Mambajao. One of the favorite sandy beaches of the island. Native cottages, multi-purpose building and a restaurant are also available.
Available Transport: Jeepneys and rented vans/multicabs.

Dive Site

25. Cabu-an Point (Dive Spot)

Located between Guinsiliban and Benoni Ports of Camiguin Island lies a colorful reef, displaying gigantic brightly colored sea fans, branching corals. The pleasant light currents offer relax diving & fun. Cabu-an is accessible by shore entry. Visibility in the area varies from 40 to 120 feet, and is ideal for seasoned underwater photographers and beginners as well.
Available Transport: Pumpboat

26. Jicdup Shoal (Dive Spot)

Lies approximately 2 nautical miles from the shore of Balbagon, Mambajao. The seabed rises forming a shoal about 10 hectares in size. Hosting a variety of aquatic life, it is one of the best dive spots in Camiguin Island. Teeming with fishes of all kinds and sizes and having excellent visibility. It is good for underwater photographers and novice divers as well.
Available Transport: Pumpboat

27. Burias Shoal (Dive Spot)

Slightly smaller than Jicdup, Burias is among the favorite spot for high adventure seeking divers. To see schools of jacks, tuna, mackerels and barracudas. A lush, black coral-covered bottom is also one of its treasures. Diving here is tricky because the current can be strong, but the effort spent fighting against such current will be worth the excitement.
Available Transport: Pumpboat

28. Old Volcano (Dive Site)

A unique underwater lava formation that rises from the depths of more than 80 feet from the bottom forming a series of pinnacles is the main attraction here. The coral-covered molten rocks are surrounded by tropical fishes such as anthias, clown fish damsels, and the like. Hug jacks and napoleon wrasses occassionally patrol these areas in search for food.
Available Transport: Pumpboat

29 Sunken Cemetery (Dive Site)

Lying 20 feet underwater in front of barrio Bonbon, Catarman, lies the sunken cemetery, the remains of the past volcano eruption. Coral- encrusted tombstone can still be explored by snorkellers and scuba divers.
Available Transport: Pumpboat

Special Interest

1. Scuba Divin and Snorkelling

  • Shoal and Burial Shoal
  • Sunken Cemetery, Jigdup

2. Mountain Climbing

  • Mount hibok hibok, Old Vulcan
  • Tres Marias, Guinsiliban Peak and timpo-ong

3. Rapelling- Katibawasan Falls

4. Squid fishing tours

5. Giant Clams Ocean Nursery, Kaantaan Guisiliban

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