Boracay Pleasure Paradise

Eden Nature Park

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Playground and Animal Sanctuary

Vista Kiosk Playground - Children and adults alike can entertain themselves while waiting for their meals in its huge playground at the Vista Park and will surely feel pure exhilaration as they experience the popular "Indiana Jones".

Pinoy Games & Soccer Field - Relieve childhood memories and teach your kids to play games that you enjoyed as a child, especially those that are indigenous to the Philippines.

Deer Park - Spot the deer as they move beneath trees and shrubs while you enjoy the sight of their interesting habitat in a ravine.

Firefly Sanctuary - Enchantingly romantic, let your imagination run wild as you view the twinkling fireflies in their glass-enclosed habitat.

Birdwalk - Awaken your senses to the soothing sound of a mountain stream and myriad bird songs in aviaries resembling their natural habitat.

Eden's Nature

Flower & Prayer Garden - At Eden, particularly in the Flower Garden, flowers grow in wild abandon. Be one with your Creator, whomever your faith owes devotion to, as the soothing sound of trickling water serves one's meditative purpose.

Vegetable & Herb Gardens - All year long, Eden grows and harvests only what is best for your health—friendly veggies which are served fresh for you at our food outlets. Two greenhouses are also used to grow several varieties of the mouth watering lettuce using the state-of-the-art Hydroponic technology.

Tree Nursery - In support of its reforestation thrusts, Eden Nature Park maintains tree nurseries which house hundreds of thousands of seedlings of pine and other tree species such as eucalyptus, teak, narra, molave, and mahogany.

Mountain pond & Matinlo pond - For the more adventurous, take a dip in the ponds on which free-flowing water flows. Or merely commune with nature as the rushing sound of water from the nearby human-made waterfalls invigorates one's mind.

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