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About Spa

Facial treatments

Facial treatments help to clean and cleanse the skin by dropping dead skin cells. Facials increase the smoothness of skin and maintain a good hydrated skin. There are different types of facial treatments. Such as:

Oxygenating Facial – This treatment is perfect for those with dull looking skin. This type of facial features a vitamin formula that helps to restore tired skin.

Deep-Cleansing Facial – this type of facial is targeted to skin type that generally utilizes a gentle botanical peel with essential oils.

D.N.A. Facial: this is a unique treatment for the skin, which helps to restore collagen. This helps to nourish tired skin.

Sea Beauty Facial – this facial treatment helps to re-vitalizes one’s skin.

Body Treatment

Almost all spas offer body treatments. Body treatments are considered very important to your body as it helps to hydrate, nourish, and remove dirt from the inside your pores. Body wrap, body scrub, and body mask treatments are some of the most popular body treatments.

Body wraps may include moor herbal therapy treatment. Body scrub consists of massaging of the person’s skin with a blend of oil, salt, and aromatics like lemon. This eliminates the dirt from your skin and makes it smooth and soft. A body mask usually follows a body scrub.

To conclude, spa treatments prove to be a very effective way to provide relaxation for your mind and body. It is a perfect way to get relief from the strain of this high-tech world. Do your body a favor, and treat it to a spa treatment that it is right for you. Your body will be saying ooh la la!

Starting from Spas in Philippines:

The TLC crossover means the line between spas providing therapeutic treatments and hospitals specializing in medical tourism is increasingly fine. The spa side is already succesful, with place like The Farm in Batangas, Mandala Spa in Boracay, Chi and Badjian Island Spa, both in Cebu, already winning international awards.

Beauty centre such as Pretty Looks in Pasig City and Davao, sell "cosmetic surgery" - treatments such as non-surgical noselifts, lipodissolve (liposuction by injection) and mesotherapy (anti-aging formulas administered to the face and body).The Shangri-la hotel group has just set up its Spa Academy to train the chain's therapist worldwide, at Edsa Plaza Hotel in Ortigas.

Yet even with the privat sector enthusiastic and government support in place, it will still take the Philippines many years to reach a competitive level. "There is no silver bullet, we have to do it slowly," Dr. Reganit concludes. "In five years, realistically, we should be on track."

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