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Wellness - Healing you body

Surrender to Your Body and Embrace Your Feelings:
Ask yourself often during your day how you are feeling. Then pause, for a moment and direct your attention to your body. Drop your shoulders, feel you feet connected to the ground and make contact with your breath. You may do this after you have an interaction with someone, or when you are alone, or anytime during your day.

When you are alone, in a safe place, give yourself more time to focus inward. Soften your eyes, relax and get quiet, connect with your breath and give yourself the instruction to let down and surrender into the center of your being.Do not judge, just feel what is there and name the feelings. Let your attention be soft and compassionate.

Feel the opening and the space around the feeling. Do not force anything. And if you cannot identify a feeling that is okay, try later. But keep focusing in and asking yourself what you are feeling. Breath into the feeling a few times and practice letting it just be. You are getting to know your inner experience and developing a deeper connection.

Move Your Body and Feel Every Part:
Of course always consult your doctor before you engage in any new physical activity or movement. Then get to know your body and ask your body how it wants to move. Start with connecting with your breath and then moving any way that feels comfortable. Go for a walk but do it differently.

Feel your feet hit the ground, dance while cooking or cleaning your house. If you are at work and limited, tune into your body as you get up and down and wiggle or stretch while you are in your chair. Bring your attention to your movements as you walk to your car; stand in line at the grocery store, or fill your tank with gas. Move slowly and consciously as your move through these activities.

Find some fun activities you did as a child and do them. Enjoying the pleasure in your body is essential to being reconnected. Jump rope, swing on a swing, kick a ball at the park, fly a kite, go swimming, play in the ocean, and walk through the woods visualizing your feet making imprints on the earth. Keep asking your body how it wants to move. If you are going to reestablish a connection with your body that is not mechanical you need to focus in and feel every part of it.

As you practice these strategies you will heal your body and reconnect with your deeper self. Your body will then become your compass helping you navigate your life, instead of being used for a storehouse for your unwanted feelings. Be patient with yourself and always bring your loving attention inward, thanking your body for all that it is doing no matter what is going on.

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