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Hundred Island Activities

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Snorkeling - Slip your body into the Park’s inviting water and swim your stress away. Glide with manta rays, groupers and other fabulous sea creatures. The romantic temperature is best for couple bonding. And you can also have fun tagging the kids along for a visual treat.

Island Hopping - Grab a slice of island action. Let off some steam as you cross islands dangling from secure ropes, trudging the rugged terrain or just relaxing as your boat glides over water. Embrace the adventure and the thrill and lose yourself in each fresh revelation you encounter.

Spelunking - Wend your way into the raw beauty of the Hundred Islands National Park’s caves. You can take a floating tour, then, shine your flashlights on limestone formations and watch your head as you lumber inside and greet various species of bats.

Fun Fishing - Folks can help you out on the best spots to drop anchor in the Park. Enjoy the challenge and have fun reeling in native fishes. Even if you won`t have any luck, you can always enjoy a swim with the refreshing breeze or just be captivated by the stunning views.

Parasailing - Be on top of the world, with wind on your face, untouched by the water below and thrill seeping through your veins. You can peer down and feel the rush on your face, as well as marvel at the gorgeous bird’s eye view of the Park.

Sun Bathing - Relish unfettered relaxation and get your perfect tan as you soak up the sun in the Park’s firm sanded beaches. Leave the baby sitting to the shallow waters, sandcastles and friendly folks for a while and enjoy their memorable stories later.

Jet Skiing - If it’s fresh air you’re after, get it fast and exhilarating. You can rent one of the jet skis near the Wharf and take charge as you dash through the azure calmness of the sea. Revel in your free spirit as you sweep through the water.

Kayaking - Stretch your adrenaline a little higher. Dip an oar and enhance your kayaking strokes as you paddle away the hours in the Park’s graceful curves. You can go it alone or conduct a small competition with friends who want some thrill.

Diving - Grab some gear and navigate your way, either with a personal guide or a handy map, to the diving holes in the Park. Take the plunge in these marine havens and find your own piece of magical corner beneath the depths, gliding over colorful reefs and other marine wonders which call it home.

Banana Boat Ride - This is pure fun all the way. Hold on tight as you dash away in this yummy ride. It’s the ultimate bonding water ride for the family and barkada. And what’s more, you can do it again and again.

Bird Watching - Feast your eyes on more than fifty species of birds in the Hundred Islands National Park. Get to know magpie robins, Philippine ducks, blue-tailed bee eaters, purple night herons, zebra doves, white collared kingfishers, and more. Among the best islands for this activity is the Kamantiles Island, Heron island, Tern island and Bat island. For hikers, you can follow the Alaminos river for more birdwatching.

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