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The Hundred Island Attraction

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Quezon Island - One of the well-developed and most frequented islands in the Park, it has facilities which include 2 dining pavilions, and grilling area, where you and your family can do the eating and the grilling ;cottages and nipa huts for relaxation and restrooms that assure comfort. Lie in the sand, take in the salty breeze and savor the delectable seafood and swim to your heart`s content. Don`t pass up the chance to snorkel or dive in the island`s azure waters and see its thriving coral and giant clam garden.

Martha island - It looks like a tiny twin island from afar but as one draws near, a small strip of white sand beach connecting two different islands will eventually be seen. A long stretch of rock formations characterizes the real Martha Island while its sister is called Ramos Island. Tourists who want to stay away from the sun for a while can take refuge from the rock formations. And they can enjoy spending their leisure time, sunbathing, swimming etc., crossing to and fro the two islands.

Governors Island - The island that captured Pinoy Big Brother`s eye, and turned its guest house into a unique PBB home which can accommodate 8 to 10 people, ideal for family and barkada relaxation, with bedrooms, restroom / bathroom, working kitchen, dining room and living room, furnished with colorful furnitures and linens, ceiling fans and other amenities. It`s also the largest island in the Park, boasting sweeping views of the Park from its view decks and has a small cave, which though has no notable stone formations, is home to bats and swiftlets. Its fine stretch of sand is ideal for sunbathing and its waters make an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling.

Century Island - Cave enthusiasts or freestyle hikers can venture its huge domed cave, which is a welcoming nesting place for bats and an underground haven of rock formations. It has no beachfront, giving it the mildly challenging potential as an exploration site for people who want to sample an educational and cultural adventure.

Childrens Island - Its an island famed for its features ideal for family get-togethers, especially with children. Its waters near the beach are shallow enough for little kids to practice their budding swimming skills. Adults will have to swim a little further to stretch their limbs. With wooden cottages (with beddings), floating picnic shed, restrooms, tent rentals, camping, cooking and dining areas and amenities like linens and lighting – it`s indeed an oasis for single, family and big group vacationers. Panoramic views also await you as you snake around the island’s walkways and rock ladders leading to higher ground.

Lopez Island - A sunbathing heaven with its white fine sand and sparsely covered limestone.Add to that the exhilarating atmosphere that welcomes both the daredevil and the fun guru in you. Indulge in adventure on or under the island`s surrounding water. You can immerse yourself to a relaxing snorkel or you can engage in a kayak challenge with friends. Then, camp late and enjoy a starry night, chatting or simply idling till the wee hours of the evening.

Marcos Island - Near Quezon Island and anchored in front of Old Scout Island, is a one of a kind handiwork of nature, named after the former President Ferdinand Marcos. It has three mounds, a helipad and a dose of artfully sculpted mermaid statues. You can clamber the steep, jagged rock pathways around the island, leading to its many vantage points where a different, picturesque view of the shorelines and other islands greets your eye, uniquely captured by the sun at different hours.

But the sweet dessert to your visit would be a walk at the 50 meter-trail that ends in a 70-feet drop leading to the cave named for the former President`s better half, Imelda.The single- chambered cave is about 18, 916 sq. m.,rising about 8 meters from the water surface and is a haven for edible-nest swiftlets and insectivorous bats.It`s also accessible by kayak or a daring swim, if one intends to approach its cove from below.

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