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Pagudpud Activities:

Visiting Pagudpud does not only mean that you should include three items in your itinerary such as “swim, swim and swim”. There are bunch of places that you could go to in Pagudpud aside from the beach in Barangay Saud. Below is a short list of those places, I suggest that you bring or hire a car or a tricycle since the points of interest are quite far from each other.

1. Visit Pagudpud Viaduct

The Pagudpud viaduct is a scenic view and it looks the best when there is no storm.

2. Set your picnic blanket at Aqua Grande

The idea of the picnic thing is up to you though. You could just stop by there and take pictures.

3. Stop by Paraiso ni Anton

Beside the grotto is a stream nearby that is connected to Kaibigan Falls.

4. Visit Blue Lagoon and swim!

The Blue Lagoon is not yet commercialized though the view of the clear blue water is very soothing and relaxing.

5. Climb towards Kaibigan Falls

If you want to go to Kaibigan Falls, better be sure not to wear jeans because you will have to cross streams. It will be surely fun for all nature lovers.

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