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Things to do in Palawan:

Archeological Exploration - The activity can be fun and endlessly appealing to both new and perennial visitors to Palawan. Visit the Tabon Caves and be enthralled by the chambers which yield knowledge about life 50,000 years ago.

Baragatan sa Palawan - grand celebration of the founding of the civil government of Palawan is celebrated every third week of June in Puerto Princesa City. Highlights of the Baragatan are the LGU Trade and Food Fair, and colorful parade with participation from the different municipalities and private sectors, featuring the ethnic groups and the coronation of Ms. Palawan.

Active ImageSeacows - palawan is home to the seacow, known locally as dugong, a unique animal, being the only herbivorous mammal in existence today. We probably owe our childhood fantasies of the mythical mermaid to the dugong, which, because of its fish-like tail, smooth brownish skin, mammary glands, and woman-like genitalia, was often mistaken by sailors, weary from long voyages, as a mermaid.

The dugong can grow to more than three meters in length and can weigh more than 400 kg. Its body is torpedo-shaped with small short flippers and whale-like flukes. Its lip is shaped like a disk with thick hair.

Palawan Sea Kayaking - The islands scattered north of Palawan offer one of the world’s most spectacular marine environments. Towering limestone cliffs rear straight up from seas teeming with marine life, and hidden bays offer deserted beaches for camping. The coral reefs here are amongst the most extensive in the country, so be sure to bring your snorkeling gear.

Many islands are also covered in jungle, the habitat of rare bird species. If you are willing to carry your boat, you can explore some of the lakes on Coron Island, home of the reclusive Tagbanua Tribe. Internationally known tour operators run regular sea kayaking tours among the islands around northern Palawan.

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