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Surfing in Siargao

Best Surf

Dates Generally, the best months for surf in this area are August through to the beginning of November. This is when we get the most typhoon swells and the best winds. During Mai, June, and July, the surf is generally smaller. BUT when it’s on the conditions are ideal.

A bit of a gamble at this time of year though. From December to April the winds are often strong and cross shore, BUT the swell is always pretty big and

Cloud 9 is situated directly in front of Sagana Resort, no boats needed. The wave is a great right hander that can be both fun and challenging. Although it is a relatively short wave, the fact that it barrels nearly the whole way guarantees satisfaction. Just check out the photos (all Cloud 9).

some surfers prefer this time of year.

Surfing Spot

Jacking Horse

Some what fickle right hander that can be really fun on it’s day. Dependent on swell direction, but when small is a great wave for beginners.

Tuason Left

Some consider this the best left on the island. Hollow and shallow and only good over 3 feet. Beginners need not apply

Rock Island (Tuesday Rock)

Long fun forgiving right hander about a 10min boat ride from Sagana Resort. When it is on this wave is so much fun and as long as any on the island


World class left hander, also 10min from Sagana Resort. This spot is Epic. Big or Small Stimpies is what you picture when dreaming of tropical surf.


Another for the goofy footers. 1 hour boat ride from Sagana Resort. Long workable left that works on all tides.

Other Waves

With in 2 hours boat ride there are approximately 10 world class breaks, which are always uncrowded and well worth the trip. There are also a few well guarded secret spots that can be found if you look hard enough.

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