Boracay Pleasure Paradise

Eden Nature Park

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Pine Lodge - Ideally situated amidst a forest of pine trees with a magnificent view, is a 2-bedroom cottage with a basement that provides a restful hideaway for groups seeking total privacy.

Mountain Villas - Somewhat secluded mountain retreats for large families or intimate friends. For weekend respites or weekday getaways, the mountain villas are blessed with pine-scented breezes and the embracing hush of mother nature that beckons the weary soul to relax, and the fatigued mind to unwind.

Mountain Hall - A semi-outdoor multi-purpose facility where nature inspires one's being, bringing the outdoors in, with lush foliage swaying to the cool mountain breeze… what better way for one to express diverse thoughts or absorb fresh ideas.

Pine Lodge
Mountain Villas
Mountain Hall

Campsite 1 - Pack your bags and pitch tent at the campsite areas. Enjoy outdoor adventure. Ideal for group camping and outdoor game activities. Located about 1.5 kilometers from the Resort's center amidst tall pine trees, vanilla vines and interesting terrain, the site is an idyllic venue for camping and outdoor activities for groups above 50 persons.

Campsite 2 - Can hold up to 40 persons, located at the heart of the Resort adjacent to the Vista Kiosk's Indiana Jones. Ideal for an outdoor adventure experience for families with children.

Campsite 1
Campsite 2


Function Areas ideal for Special Events, Theme Parties, Seminars and Conferences;

Vista Kiosk - Eden's most popular feature is the Vista Kiosk where a truly gastronomic experience awaits you. It is also an ideal venue for concerts/performances, weddings and other special events. The Vista harbors the best vantage points from which you will enjoy the panoramic view of the world's largest city.

Garden Hall - An open spacious hall with a large courtyard, meticulously landscaped and planted with well-chosen greens, the Garden Hall is an ideal setting for large celebrations or gatherings.

Holiday Terraces - Surrounded by a Mangosteen Orchard, the Holiday terraces is set a against a beautiful manmade miniature waterfall blessed with a backdrop of rare ferns growing naturally on a roof under a canopy of giant trees.

Vista Kiosk
Garden Hall
Holiday Terraces

Seminar Hall - Provides a cool setting and ambiance for perfect conferences or seminars.

Cafeteria - The 200-seater hall is adorned with paintings of Davao's exotic fruits and flowers. An alternative area for gatherings, seminars or conferences.

Seminar Hall
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